The smartest settings make a profit

The devil is hiding in the details, and an thoughtful approach is an indicator of quality!

Modern mining at a qualitatively

new level!

If you are a happy owner of Miners or Mining farms and your capacities are already so large that you cannot place your equipment in your apartment or house, so we offer you a room for mining.

Mining farm hosting

ASIC miners hosting

We'll host Riga Mining based on

any graphic cards and any size. Hosting going on special racks.

We'll host ASICs Antminer S9, as well as big industrial miners, like FM2018-BT2000 and other. Ask for a free consultation!

Ready to use

Everything is already

connected and configured.

You just need to set ASICs.

Import machines

Maintain high loads with the fastest response.

Hot corridor (doors)

Special slots are closing automatically, which prevents the return of heat.

Remote monitoring

All servers are equipped with remote monitoring and


Optional equipment

GPS tracking, video surveillance systems, fire and other alarms, etc.

Smart numbering

All patchcords are numbered and equipped with non-erasable tags.


    Overheating excluded

    Competently thought out ventilation, eliminates the overheating of miners.

    Electrical protection

    All racks, without exception,

    are equipped with a

    mandatory grounding.

    Any configuration

    Our containers are  in different configurations of the ASIC's location and ventilation work.

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ASICS & Miners Hosting in Russia.

Sale of Graphic Cards & ASICs.



Moscow: +7 (499) 322-86-98

Kazan: +7 (843) 207-12-97







Not only sale, but also rent + dumping prices

for turnkey settings

Prices are indicated for 1 piece of equipment; discounts are available for large volumes.

Antminer L3+

2800 /month

Antminer A3

3500 /month

Antminer S9

4000 /month

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40' container for 268 ASICs

1,4 million rubles


40' container for 470 ASICs

2,1 million rubles

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Stop fighting for a place under the sun!

Just buy your own container today.

Click  image to view and download the full specification.

Three simple steps to hashrate jump

It's very is easy and profitable to work with us.

Step #1

Online Request

Leave a request, we'll contact with

you and will advise.

Step #3


We're hosting you miners or making

a deal of sale transaction.

Step #2


We conclude a rental agreement

or selling mining hotel.


You make a profit and the hotel

works for you!

Carve out a niche today!

Antminer Z9 mini

1700 /month

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20' container for 175 ASICs

1 million rubles


40' container for 400 ASICs

1,8 million rubles

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individual approach

Cryptocurrency generation

on an industrial scale ...

Finding the right supplier at the initial stage is the most important step

of a successful transition to a qualitatively new level of mining cryptocurrency. Order from resellers or unscrupulous "artisanal" manufacturers - also not an good option. Turning to us - you are guaranteed to stay In a good profit, because we have:

The best payback mining container on the market -

only 1.5 months with any configuration!





+7 (499) 322-86-98

Container production. Mining hotels in 15 major cities of Russia:

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Ufa,

Perm,  Rostov-na-Donu.

Contact Us:

Moscow: +7 (499) 322-86-98

Kazan: +7 (843) 207-12-97


The best payback mining container on the market -

 only 1.5 months with any configuration!

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